Enchantment Ädventyr – Hardcover

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Enchantment Ädventyr – Hardcover


Enchantment Ädventyr”, explores the “divided heart syndrome” through a genealogical magical fairy-tale journey. Many people own America as their motherland and as their fatherland, a different heritage ancestry, causing “some” a “divided heart syndrome” identity. Have you ever wondered about your ancestors, what their lifestyle, customs, traditions were like?

Experiencing my own “divided heart syndrome”, I took the liberty to “Genre blend” a “genealogical divided heart journey”, intertwined with Swedish folklore magic as fairy-tale into ancestral reality. Presenting genealogy instead of linear flat names and dates on paper, genre blending allowed my narrator to experience, explore, enjoy one’s ancestral heritage sensually, dimension-ally, vividly heartfelt.

The narrator’s genealogical quest promised help by the Swedish Count’s invitation. Her journey en-route to the Count interrupted by a Norse folklore character, “Skogsrå”, a “woodsprite”.  Magic cast spun the narrator back into 1800’s heritage time, abruptly appearing invisible into the midst of her ancestors’ three most celebrated Swedish customs of Easter, Midsummer and Christmas, all uniquely blended in ancient folk-beliefs.

The Narrator magically spun into different times, places and spaces, uncontrolled by herself, surprisingly enriched by her serendipitous journey. Three generations of genealogical characters met, fests partaken and family vicariously enjoyed. Invisible, unable to gain help for her plight, was her magic spell broken? Does folklore belief participate? Does the narrator accomplish her journey to meet the Count for genealogical information? Was her “divided heart journey” resolved?

Penned with poetic, lyrical, romantic language pertinent to Norse folklore, also includes necessary repetition, rhythmic phasing and rhyme. All good fairy-tales end with happy resolution, endearing the reader.

Appendix follows with three traditional Swedish holiday menus and select recipes the characters ate. Genealogical tips and resource references, helpful to people curious to begin their heritage ancestral quest, included.

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  1. I read this book about a month ago and thought I had journaled my thoughts. Oops! Anyway… I enjoyed this fairytale. I found myself wishing that I could have a wood sprite transport me back in time to observe my Swedish ancestors. How fun would that be?!? It had me imagining what it would be like to ride in my gg grandfather’s fishing boat off the coast of Karlskrona or sitting down at the table with those long gone, eating family favorites such as Julekage, Kroppkakor, Svenka Pannkakor and Köttbullar. Mycket tack again for sending this book my way. I am putting together a youth fairytale/sci-fi bookbox and will send it on another ädventyr. 🙂 | Deb Winn Konietzki – October 12, 2014.

  2. I really enjoyed the concept of the Author turning her research of her ancestors into a fairytale novel.

    Also, I always love learning about different countries and their customs so it was pure bliss for me to read about how certain Holidays are/were celebrated in Sweden, and, the recipes at the back of the book of some traditional foods were an added bonus.
    All-in-all this book is pure fun and I would recommend it for both the young and the young at heart, as well. | Edwina Hall Callan – March 24, 2014.

  3. I simply adore this book. My maternal grandmother was Swedish and I never knew much about that side of the family. I enjoyed the illustrations, stories, quotes, prayers, vocabulary, etc. I also want to try the recipes at the back of the book, especially the pepparkakor. I will be checking into the genealogical research resources in the back of the book, as the furthest I’ve been able to go back on my grandmother’s side is to Olof Engstrom in Bishop Hill, IL. I hope to eventually be able to go back a little further. A very interesting, useful book; I would give it a sixth star if I could. | Brandi – Graduate Student Wahpeton, ND – March 17, 2014

  4. Robin Brown, Seattle, WA April 23, 2014 Rated it 4 ****

  5. This charming book blends the qualities of a fairy tale, a genealogical adventure, and an introduction to the most significant Swedish traditional holidays—Easter, Midsummer, and the long Christmas season, including Lucia Day (December 13) and Julotta (Christmas morning). It also includes a glossary of Swedish folklore elements, Swedish vocabulary employed in each chapter, and delightful recipes of traditional Swedish holiday foods. The fairy tale element is a clever plot device by which the author travels back in time to encounter her Swedish ancestors of generations past. The text is enhanced by the author’s colorful illustrations. The author’s Swedish roots and remembrance of her ancestors are lovingly evident on every page. This book is an excellent introduction to Swedish heritage and traditions for both young and old. | Kendall Svengalis, CT June 08, 2014 rated it 5 *****

  6. It was amazing! | Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez – Texas June 6, 2015, rated it 5 ****

  7. Really liked it. | Steve Runfedlt, Minnesota, Jan 30, 2016, Rated it 4 ****

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