"Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairytales again   C. S. Lewis

Escape into a magical "Enchantment Ädventyr"

Have you ever wondered about your ancestors, who they were, how they lived, how they experienced the customs and traditions they celebrated? This magical story takes the reader by the hand on a journey back in time, creatively blending a Fairytale character of Swedish folklore and the Author’s desire to reconnect to her heritage into an enchanting tale.

Complete with Nobleman Count Bonde and an illusive wood sprite name Skogrå, this endearing story envelopes the reader in engaging an historical lifestyle and customs that will warm the heart and leave them longing to experience their own family heritage, customs, and traditions. 

At the Count's invitation, the author takes us on her long desired journey to the Sweden of her heritage, where she searches for long-awaited answers to her questions about her ancestors and their lives. The serendipitous magic of a wood sprite's spell traps her en route. Will she succeed to get the spell broken? Does she find the answers she has longed for? Will the conflicts of her heart fined answers?

Venture into this creative variation of a Swedish Fairytale wrapped into, around and though three traditional celebrations of  holiday and family heritage. Anyone seeking to know, understand three of the most celebrated traditional Swedish customs, their special holiday cultural foods, will find this book delightful.  Poetic, romantic, and lyrical, the story captures the essence of the Swedish language and the reader's heart. 

The Book’s Appendix includes three holiday menus, including select traditional recipes enjoyed by the book’s characters. Also background on how the author researched her heritage and tips on how to research one’s own heritage, including Resource References. Become inspired, enjoy discovering your family genealogy search, also.

"The way to read a fairytale is to  throw yourself in." W. H. Auden

"Enchantment Ädventyris appropriate for pre-teen through the young at heart to age 100+

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Enchantment Ädventyr Hardcover minus illustrated dust jacket




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