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Gunn Museum Honored with Important State Award for WWI Exhibit … Carol Skog , Doreen (Quist) Boesel, Audrey (Norman) Wright, Maryanne Lundberg.

Local Author pens a Swedish “Genealogical” Fairytale with book launch at two CT locations
Local author of Swedish descent, Carol Elizabeth Skog of Fairfield will participate in The Scandinavian Club’s annual Christmas Fair, Saturday December 7, 2013, 10am to 4pm, at 1351 South Pine Creek Road, Fairfield. It is Carol’s first public appearance with her just released book, “Enchantment Ädventyr, H.C.A. and I Understand.” She joins numerous Fair vendors of many diversified gifts, some Nordic.
Have you ever wondered about your ancestors, their life, how they experienced their special customs and traditions? Universal questions sought by many. Escape into a magical, “Enchantment Adventure”, of a long-desired journey to Sweden, hoping to find answers to these heritage questions. The venture presents a unique blending of Swedish folklore elements, creatively enveloped into and around reality.
Innovatively crafted thru conflicts of the heart, and longings for genealogical answers, the magical fairytale’s venture is complete with wood sprite and an invitation from an authentic Count. On an endearing journey, the reader engages in a historical lifestyle within holiday customs. The appendix includes three holiday menus with select recipes enjoyed by the book’s characters and Carol’s tips on researching your heritage with Resource References. Each chapter has colored illustrations and some photo’s blending into the cultural and genealogical theme.
Ms. Skog’s Première presentation and book signing of her newly released book, “Enchantment Ädventyr”, hosted by the Gunn Memorial Museum, Washington, CT, December 29, 2013 at 1pm, is in coordination with their Swedish Immigrant exhibit. Carol’s presentation focuses on charming Swedish Christmas customs featured in a chapter, enhanced by Swedish cultural pictures and unique Swedish Christmas decorations, concluding with a mini “Sankta Lucia” procession presented by her five-year-old Woodbury granddaughter Lily and school friends.
Lorraine Anderson Bergstrom, cousin to Leroy Anderson, renowned composer of “Sleigh Ride”, and “Syncopated Clock”, will enhance the program playing a blend of Swedish Christmas music beginning at 12:30. An accomplished pianist and violinist, she will entertain on both instruments, before and during the event. Please RSVP Gunn Memorial Museum @ 860-868-7756 if attending on 14 December.
Hickory Stick Bookshop, Washington will be selling Carol’s books at the event. Carol will be available after the event to sign her books in either trade paperback, or hardcover with dustcover. Her story will also be available, in mobi and ePub platforms at major ecommerce reader outlets, domestically and internationally in January 2014.
Carol studied one year in Sweden with The Scandinavian Seminar and holds a BA from Pacific Lutheran University in Scandinavian Studies, and a minor in Creative Writing. This is her first published book. She is currently penning a Victorian novel, opening scene New York City 1890. Carol enjoys visiting her Stockholm relatives. She traced both her parent’s families to the 1500’s. Any questions, may be directed to

Swedish History Presentations & Swedish Christmas and Premiere Enchantment Ädventyr
Washington’s Swedish Immigrants – Gunn Memorial Library & Museum

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Dec 22, 2014 … Description: Join author Melanie L. J. Stiassny from the American … He or she can apply to his or her existing subscription or use this gift card as a …… the delightful new book, Enchantment Ädventyr, H.C.A. & I Understan..


Connecticut Author’s Presentation and Book signing at Woodbury March 16
Presenting “Enchantment Ädventyr, HCA and I Understand”

Author Carol Elizabeth Skog approaches the genealogical research subject in a unique, innovative manner. Using elements of Swedish folklore Ms. Skog’s story introduces an ancestral heritage searching through the magic of the fairytale genre. She took to heart Hans Christian Andersen’s quote, “Life is the most wonderful fairytale of all.”
Have you ever wondered about your ancestors, who they were, how they lived, how they experienced the customs and traditions they celebrated? Many Americans have. Genealogy is the third largest hobby in the United States. Carol’s acknowledgement of one’s divided cultural heart‘s syndrome, born in one country, yet one’s ancestral cultural identity originated in another country, is approached in a creative, endearing manner.
Woodbury Public Library hosts a Book Presentation and Signing, Sunday 16 March from 2-4pm. Please RSVP @203-263-4216. Ms Skog shall do a reading from her book wearing the Swedish National costume; the same costume design the Queen of Sweden wears celebrating Heritage Events.
Hear Carol present her genealogical Fairytale wrapped around, through reality. Unlike fairytale fantasy, in “Enchantment Ädventyr”, all heritage characters existed, enjoyed three main celebration holiday customs enacted traditionally, woven magically into invisible time, space, place. Her genealogical search responded to a Swedish Count’s invitation holding knowledge about her ancestors. En route to the Count, encountering an elusive woodsprite name Skogsrå, magic trapped her. Will the spell break to meet the Count, her genealogical questions answered; her heart conflicts’ find resolve?
A good read, poetic, romantic and lyrical, captures the reader’s heart. An Appendix compliments with three holiday menus and select traditional recipes enjoyed by the characters. Ms. Skog shares how she researched her heritage with tips” how to research one’s own heritage”, including Resource References. Carol researched both parent’s ancestors to the 1500’s and did visit the Swedish Count who shared about Carol’s ancestors.
Ms. Skog of Swedish heritage, raised in Fairfield, CT., studied with The Scandinavian Seminar program in Swedish, at Västkustens Ungdomsskolan, Ljungskile, Sweden. Carol received her B.A. in Scandinavian Studies with a minor in English, Creative Writing at Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington. Ms. Skog worked as Assistant to the Director of the Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle, WA., prior to a career of Financial Advisor. On tour she presents at PLU and the Nordic Heritage Museum, end of April. Schedule Presentation for Carol via:
Carol is currently penning a Victorian novel, opening scene, New York City, 1890. Her EBook’s at Amazon Kindle, Apple IBooks, Barnes & Noble Nook, Sony Reader, Google Books, Samsung Hub, Kobo, and Baker & Taylor Blio, domestic and international. Carol autographed print soft and hard cover, are available at Amazon or her website:

Carol Skog Author, Interview 18 April, 2014 Ty Ray 1180 KLAY 8:15 am Talk Radio Tacoma concerning her Book Presentation @ Pacific Lutheran University, Scandinavian Cultural Center, Sunday 27 April, 2014

Author resolves “The Divided Heart Syndrome” many ethnic experience

“Have you ever wondered about your ancestors, who they were, how they lived, how they experienced the customs and traditions they celebrated?” asks Carol Elizabeth Skog, a PLU grad and author of newly penned, Enchantment Ädventyr, a Swedish Genealogical Fairytale.

PLU, Scandinavian Cultural Center, hosts Ms Skog’s Power Point Book presentation, reading, and signing of Enchantment Ädventyr, HCA and I Understand, April 27, 2-4, admission free. See, hear, learn.
Conflicts of the hearts, often a universal theme amongst immigrants and their descendents in their new country of residence expands my book out of my Swedish perspective, to that of all ethnic’s divided heart. Genealogy is the third largest hobby in the United States for those seeking back to the grounding of their ethnic people’s cultural homeland. In this sense my book is not a just a Swedish niche book, but can be enjoyed, meaningful to all who seek back for personal understanding.

Hans Christian Anderson wrote, “ Life is the best fairytale of all. “ I took this to heart,” confirms Carol. “Escape into this Enchanting tale. It entertains, explores, enriches.” This magical story takes the reader by the hand on a journey back in time, creatively blending a Fairytale character of Swedish folklore and the Author’s desire to reconnect to her heritage into an enchanting tale.

PLU’s Scandinavian Cultural Center’s April 21 opening exhibit , “Piecing together the Scandinavian Immigrant Experience” shares through artifacts, photographs, letters, audio, glimpses of the immigrants experiences in the New Land.

Ms Skog’s Fairytale instead journey’s back to heritage Sweden on a genealogical search, magically experiencing glimpses of her ancestor’s cultural lifestyle, celebration customs, holiday foods in the old country.

Both perspectives, Ms Skog’s penning of an immigrant heir’s searching genealogy, experiencing old country customs, and the Cultural Center’s examining immigrant artifacts, capturing life in the new land, comprehend very well the ” divided heart Syndrome.”

Carol Elizabeth Skog, Author Presentation @ Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle is Tuesday, April 29, 2014.


Traditions – Nordstjernan
Author of “Enchantment Ädventyr,” she is currently penning a Victorian novel, opening scene NYC, 1890.  .

NOTE: Ms Skog Temporarily cancelled her Book Presentations mid 2014-2016, because of needed PT for complexities of an 2 auto accidents, that happened to her. She will  start her Book Presentations after April 2017.  If interested, please contact Carol @