Why Ädventyr = Adventure in my Swedish Genealogical Fairytale

Why I chose to use the spelling Ädventyr in the title.

Why I chose to use  Ädventyr  in my book’s title,

Enchantment Ädventyr,

HCA and I Understand.


Some word’s spelling forms, in Sweden changed over time, as example, the word  Äfventyr.   Äfventyr  is the old 1800’s Swedish spelling, translated to the English word equivalent as Adventure.

Famous poet Viktor Rydberg wrote a Christmas story in 1871, Lille Viggs Äfventyr, often recited on Swedish radio during the 1900’s.

Sweden in early 1900’s, occasionally spelled the word in translation  from English Adventure, as  Ädventyr.

Even through my story goes back in heritage time to the late 1800’s, I choose to use the unusual Swedish form  Ädventyr, for English-speaking people’s ease to recognize the word means Adventure, as the rest of my title is completely written in English.

Modern Swedish spelling is  Äventyr.



“Example of  Ädventyr  used in a book title by Author Lewis Carroll for his story, Alice in Wonderland, translated by Arthur Rackham to Swedish as  Alices ädventyr i sagolandet. The Swedish Publisher, Natur och Kultur, 1946, can be located Toronto Library. To View Book Cover click:   Options

Alices ädventyr i sagolandet /


Lewis Carroll.


Helsingfors : Natur och Kultur, 1946.


145, [1] p., [6 ] leaves of plates : ill. (some col.)”


Explanation of Ädventyr used in my books title

Published January 28, 2016 by Carol Elizabeth Skog

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